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Our proprietary approach is groundbreaking. We leverage carbohydrate functionality which makes our recombinant glycoprotein First-in-Class. The drug target is Galectin-3, known to be critical in multiple facets of cancer biology, including cell adhesion, cell activation, chemo-attraction, cell growth and differentiation, cell cycle, and apoptosis (see Figure 1a).

Our GM glycoprotein drug candidates are:

  • Exceptionally potent with picomolar Kd (100X stronger than a typical antibody). GM drug candidates act as decoys, sequestering Galectin-3 so that it cannot participate in tumorigenic pathways (see Figure 1b). Our products have picomolar affinity to Galectin-3 and are unique as they outcompete Galectin-3’s natural affinity to its endogenous ligands.
  • No off target effects observed in animal models
  • Resistance risk is very low due to multiple modes of attack on cancer
    • blocks angiogenesis (tumor’s lifeline to nutrition)
    • blocks tumor cell extravasation (tumor’s first step to spreading/metastasize)
    • promotes patient’s natural killer-T cell response (immune  response to eradicate cancer cells)
  • Overcomes drug resistance in metastatic cancer

Relevant Publications:

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