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Our Novel Products Break Galectin-3’s Natural Affinity

Galectin-3 is involved in cancer progression and metastasis of many solid tumors not only by mediating neo-angiogenesis and cancer cell homotypic/heterotypic adhesions, but also by suppressing host immunity. The interactions of Galectin-3 and its endogenous ligands are typically strong – in the nanomolar range. So, it’s important to break the Galectin-3’s natural interactions for the development of a successful Galectin-3 targeted therapy. Our high affinity Galectin-3 inhibitors (patent awarded) are more powerful than its natural ligands as they bind Galectin-3 with picomolar afiinity. As such, our drug candidates act as decoys in the treatment of cancers and metabolic diseases. Our drug also overcomes drug resistance in metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC).

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